Weight Answer Options with Likert Questions

Sometimes, you may need to assign a custom weighting to an answer option as part of your research. With a Likert question, it’s very easy to design questions and answer options with a custom weighting scale.

To get started, log into your dashboard and click on the big blue, Create a New dropdown and select Survey:

On the survey editing screen, click and drag a Matrix / Likert question into the survey area:

To enable the Likert option, select Single choice with Likert from the dropdown. With this Likert question, we wanted to find out how much education our respondents have. We’ve asked them to tell us about their education attainment and then listed education levels and have asked respondents to answer Yes or No to having achieved them. We’ve set a weighting of 10 for each Yes and 5 for each No answer.

The survey reports will show an average score that is calculated as:

Total of all the responses (using the weighting value) / Total responses

Here’s how our Likert question looks in our survey:

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