Using a Banner Survey Embed on Your Website

Polldaddy and Surveydaddy offer several ways to get your survey out to your participants. In today’s post, we’re going to cover how to embed your survey into your website using the nifty banner embed method.

Once you’ve created your survey, hover over the title of the survey in your dashboard and click Embed:

On the Embed popup, select Website Popup and Banner:

Corner wrap and side tab at your service

There are two types of banner embeds: the Corner Wrap and the Side Tab. The Corner Wrap is the default setting. You can choose to embed it across any of the four corners of your website. You can customize the call to action text, as well as the banner’s background color and the banner text color.

Customize your banner to match your branding

We’re going to walk through placing a Side Tab embed on our site. Select the radio button next to Side Tab. Immediately, the preview will show your new selection. You can change the background color of the tab to match your company’s branding. If you know the hex code for your company’s colors your can enter it. Otherwise, you can click within the background color box to reveal a color picker:

You can change the text color as you wish as well. Enter the hex code or click within the text color box to reveal the color picker:

Customize the call to action as you see fit to make sure that it suits your audience. Notice how the preview shows any changes you make immediately:

Handy JavaScript embed code

Once you’ve got your banner just so, you’re ready to embed the code on your website. If you’re on a platform other than, use the handy JavaScript embed code that we supply. Copy the code in its entirety and paste it into your site:

Embed the banner on sites with ease

If you’ve got a site, copy the short code:

Create a new post on your site and paste the short code into your post:

Hit Publish and check out your site’s homepage to see your new survey banner in action:

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