Put a Popup Survey in your WordPress Sidebar

Krista Stevens

Finding out what employees, students, teachers, colleagues, attendees, and/or employees think is easy. All you need to do is create a survey using Polldaddy.com or Surveydaddy.com.

In today’s post we’re going to walk through how to embed that survey into the sidebar of your WordPress site using a button popup.

First you need to create your survey.

Once you’ve created your survey, hover over the title of the survey in your dashboard and click on Embed:

On the Embed popup, select Website Popup from among the options on the left-hand side and Button from the embed options:

You can customize your button popup to match your site branding, if you like:

Once you’ve customized your button as you see fit, copy the WordPress shortcode:

Now, login to your WordPress site. From under the Appearance menu, select Widgets. On the Widgets page, click and drag a Text Widget to your Main Sidebar area:

Type in a title for your survey popup, and paste the WordPress shortcode into the body of the Text Widget:

Click on the Save button for your Text Widget changes to take effect. Now, check out the button pop up, all ready to go in your WordPress sidebar. Pretty snazzy, no?

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