Show Quiz Results and Set Passing Scores with Ease

Krista Stevens

Quizzes are a great way to connect with your audience, whether you’re a teacher or instructor in a school or community college, a trivia enthusiast or a communicator measuring your business strategy’s success. With setting up quizzes is as easy as click and drag. In today’s post, we’ll learn about quiz result options, setting passing scores, and how to show or hide a quiz’s progress bar.

To get started, hover over the title of your quiz in your dashboard and click on Edit:

On the quiz editing screen, scroll down to Participant results. On the Participant results section of the screen, you’ll see three options you can choose from to show or hide results from participants. You can choose to show full results to participants which will show each question, the correct answer, and whether or not the participant chose the correct answer. You can choose to show only a final score to participants which will shows the participant the percentage of questions they answered correctly. Finally, you can choose not to show results to participants.


On the Passing score dropdown, you can set a passing score for your quiz:

Lastly, you can choose to show a progress bar to participants. The progress bar shows how far participants have come in the quiz and gives them a visual indicator of how much further they have to go before completing the quiz:

Once you’ve made your selection, click on the blue Save and Add Questions button for your changes to take effect:

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