Managing Poll Comments

Polls are a great way to increase engagement among your site visitors. Allowing comments on your polls and participating in and encouraging discussion on polls also helps to increase engagement. In today’s blog post, we’re going to cover the three different comment settings you can have on your polls: Allow comments, Moderate first, and No comments.

First, you must create your poll.

To see the comment settings for your poll, hover over the title of the poll in your dashboard and click on Edit:




Scroll down, toward the bottom of the poll editing screen. Under Poll Options, you’ll see Comments.

No comments, please

If you wish to disallow comments on your polls, select the radio button next to No comments. Be sure to click on the blue, Update Poll button for your changes to take effect:

Allow comments

By default, polls are set to allow comments:






Comments are shown beneath the poll on the poll’s community page. To find the community page for the poll, hover over the title of the poll in your dashboard and click on Embed. On the Embed pop-up, select Direct Link:













Copy the direct link and paste into the address bar of your browser. If you’re not logged in to, you’ll be asked to supply a name, email address, and website (optional) to make a comment. If you’re logged in to, you’ll see the comment box. Write your comment and click on the red Submit Comment button:















You’ll see your comment appear automatically:

Moderate first

To read and approve comments before they’re shown with your poll, select the radio button next to Moderate first:






When someone visits the community page for the poll and submits a comment, they’ll see a yellow banner that lets them know that their comment is being held for moderation:

Viewing, approving, and deleting comments

To check out the comments on your poll, hover over the title of the poll and click on the Actions menu. On the drop down, select Comments:







You’ll see a list of comments. If your poll is set to moderate comments, each unapproved comment appears in yellow. To allow a comment to appear beneath your poll, click on the Approve button. To remove it, click on the Remove button:




You can remove any comment from a poll that you wish. Simply hover over the title of the poll and select Comments from the Actions menu. On the comments page, select Delete next to the comment you wish to remove:

You’ll see that the comment is grayed out, which signifies that it is no longer live on your poll’s community page:

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