Poll Vote Blocking Options

Running Polldaddy polls? Not sure whether you should allow your participants to vote repeatedly? Here’s some great information that will help you choose how and when to block repeat voting on your poll.

Polldaddy offers three settings to choose from for repeat votes: don’t block repeat votes, block by cookie, and block by cookie and IP address. You can find vote blocking options by hovering over the title of your poll in your dashboard, and clicking Edit. You’ll find the blocking options at the bottom of the poll editing screen under Poll Options.

Don’t block repeat voters

Selecting don’t block repeat voters allows participants to vote repeatedly. There is a threshold within this setting that allows a set number of votes from an IP address in a given time period. Voters who pass the threshold will see a cooling off message and will be allowed to vote again after the threshold period expires.

Block repeat votes by cookie

You can choose to block votes by cookie. If you like, you can choose to set an expiry period for the block, which will allow voters to vote again after the block expires.

Block repeat votes by cookie and IP

This is the most secure method to block votes. It allows one vote per IP address. If you wish to allow repeat voting, you can select a block period from the Expiry dropdown list. If you wish to allow voters to vote once every hour, set the block to expire in one hour, etc., etc.

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