Creating Custom Poll Widths

We offer three default widths for Polldaddy polls: Narrow, at 150px, Medium, at 300px, and Wide at 630px. The good news is, is that if these three sizes aren’t right for your needs, it’s very easy to create a custom width for your poll. Here’s how.

Hover over the title of your poll and click on Edit:

Next, under Poll Style, click the radio button for Custom and click on the Create New button:

Now, name your custom style. We’re going to use Custom Width: 225px, so it will be easy to identify:

Now, let’s change the width of the poll box itself. Click on Poll Box from the left column and Width from the right column. The default width was 300px. We’ve set it to 225px:

As you make changes, the poll preview will change automatically, so that you can see the effect of the changes that you make, before you apply them to a live poll. Note that there’s something off, here—our poll answer options have burst out the side of the poll box:

To ensure that the answer options stay within the poll box, we need to click on Answers in the left column and Width in the right column. The answers width was set to 268px, and that’s why they were bursting out the side of the poll box. Setting the answers width to 200px makes them fit nicely in the poll box:

Our poll preview tells the story:

Now, be sure to click on the blue, Create Style button to create this style. Next, we’ll apply it to our poll:

Now to apply it to a poll, return to your dashboard. Hover over the title of the poll to which you’d like to apply this custom style and click Edit:

Under Poll Style, click on Custom, and select the name of your style from the dropdown list:

Finally, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the blue, Update Poll button for your changes to take effect:

That’s all there is to it!

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