Adding a Logo to a Survey or Quiz

Personalizing your surveys with your company logo is a great way to help current and potential customers to remember your brand. Adding a logo also helps add credibility to your research efforts when participants see your official logo at the top of your surveys and quizzes. Adding a logo to a page header is easy. The process is identical for quizzes, however we’ll walk through the steps using a survey as an example.

Click and drag a page header question to your survey and click on the media button:

Click on Choose file, then navigate to your logo file and click on it to select it. Note that we can accept .png, .gif, and .jpg images. Once you’ve selected your file, click on the big blue Upload button:

When your logo file is finished uploading, you’ll see some code appear beneath the page header text box:

Now, let’s preview what our survey looks like with the new logo:

If you’d like the logo to appear on its own, without any text accompaniment, hover over the page header element and click on Edit:

Delete the text and click on the blue Done Editing button:

And presto! A logo all alone:

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