Create Custom Start Messages Using Seeded Data

Getting customer feedback and integrating that feedback to improve your business is so important. Providing personal service and integrating feedback helps build life-long customer relationships and helps your business attract new customers. Let’s say you’d like to create a follow-up survey and personally greet your customer by first name when they take the survey. This is particularly useful if you’d like to use a survey to follow up after a sales call, or after a customer uses your service.

You can pipe this seeded data into a custom start message. Here’s how to do it. You would first need to append a tag with the customer’s first name into the survey URL and then pass that information into the custom start message.

Here’s a typical survey URL:

If you want to greet the individual by first name, you can seed this in the URL, where q_1_first_name refers to the first name for question one:

Then, you would place the [Q1 first_name] tag in your custom start message, like so:

When Gus follows the link you’ve supplied to the survey, he’ll see his first name in the custom start message:

Additionally, seeding Gus’ first name in this manner will pre-populate his first name in question one:

Pretty nifty, no?

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