Polldaddy for iOS 1.4

We’re again excited to bring you a new version of the Polldaddy iOS app – 1.4 – available now in the App Store.

Offline Images

This is a big one. Although we introduced media support a few versions back, you needed an internet connection in order to use it. Not any more! Version 1.4 now caches images in question notes and survey start and finish messages for offline use. This will be very useful in displaying company logos and photos, while still being able to collect data without a connection.

Language Packs

We haven’t forgotten that many of our users don’t speak English, and so we’ve added support for language packs. This allows you to change the text on various buttons and messages inside the app. Even if you do speak English, this will be a useful way to customize the app:

For full language coverage we’ve also started a translation project, which anyone with a WordPress.com login can add to.


Following on from the kiosk mode we introduced in 1.3.1, there is now an optional timeout setting. If enabled this will cause the app to reset to the start of the current survey if no response is entered within a certain time.

This setting will be very useful when you want to use the app unattended, for example in a store or public area. If someone starts a survey but then leaves without finishing, the device will reset itself ready for the next person. Combine this with the kiosk mode and a suitable device enclosure and you have a very powerful data collection device.

Bug Fixes

  • Ensure comment & other box on multi-choice questions is always visible
  • Fix display of address and date/time questions on review response page
  • Better encoding of data
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