Export Poll Data by U.S. State

We’re proud to launch a new enhancement to poll results: as of today, you can filter poll results and export them by U.S. state. As with anything “Polldaddy” it’s a snap to filter your results and export them. Here’s how to do it.

Hover over the title of your poll in your dashboard and click on Reports:

Be default, poll results include all the votes your poll has attracted from all over the world. Note that so far, our poll has 205 votes:

To see only votes from the United States, Select United States from the Filter by location dropdown. Note now, that our vote count is showing 82, as 82 of our 205 votes have come from the United States:

You can choose to filter poll results to the state level. Simply choose the state from the dropdown list. We’re going to choose to see poll results from the great state of Texas:

See now we’re showing a total of eight votes from the great state of Texas:

You can choose to export results at any stage: at the total vote level, country level, and now down to the US state if you wish. We want to export our Texas poll results and so we’ll click on the export button. This reveals several export options including, Excel, Google Docs, CSV, XML, and PDF. Simply click on the export method of your choice.

Check out votes by location menu item

You can also click on the Location button to see a map that shows the locations where votes have come from:

By default, you’ll see a world map showing vote locations by density. To view US results only, click on the View United States Map button:

You’ll see a heat map of the United States that shows where your votes have come from. You can choose to filter and export your results here, as well.

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