Adding Images and Media to Surveys

Did you know that you can add media or an image to any question or answer option in your survey or quiz? It’s a snap to set up. The process is identical for all content, however in this article, we’ll walk you through adding an image to survey question and how to embed video into a survey answer option. Bring on the cute cats!

Adding images

First, you need to create a survey. Once you’ve got your survey title in place and your options selected, you’ll need to add a question to the survey so that we can add images and media. We’re going to use a multiple choice question. Type in the question and click on the Media button to add your image:

Select Choose File. Navigate to the location on your computer where you’ve stored the image file and select it:

You’ll see a tiny image once the file has finished uploading. Note, we support .png, .gif, and .jpeg images. In this case, we want to add the image to our image library, so we’re going to check the box that says available to all polls and surveys:

Now, click on Upload to add the image to the question:

You’ll see the image code below your question:

Adding media

Cue the kittehs! We’re going to add a YouTube video to each answer option. First, click on the media button next to the answer option:

Next, click on media embed so that we can input our video’s shortcode:

Next, copy and paste the video shortcode into the dialog box. If you need help on getting the shortcode syntax right, click on the list of shortcodes link to visit the media shortcodes page:

Once you’ve got your shortcode in place, click on the big blue, Insert button to embed your video into the question option:

After you’ve added all your videos, you’ll see a small blue globe to indicate that there’s media attached to the answer option:

Here’s a screengrab of what the survey looks like, in the er…wild!

Check out the sample survey.

That was easy, wasn’t it?

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