Contextual Actions Speed Your Workflow

If you need to open, close, copy, print, or trash a survey quickly, the contextual Actions menu is the place to go to do these most frequently used actions on your survey. In this brief article, we’ll cover how it works. The contextual actions menu is identical for surveys and quizzes. We’ll review how each menu item works, using a survey as an example.

To reveal the contextual Actions menu, hover over the title of your survey in your dashboard:

Makin’ copies

Click on the small down arrow to reveal the contextual Actions menu. The first item on the list is Copy. Click on the Copy menu item to duplicate your survey. You’ll be taken to a screen to give your copy a name. Once you’ve typed in a new name for your copy, be sure to scroll down to the bottom and click on the big blue Save & Add Questions button for your changes to take effect.

Open Sesame, close Sesame

The next item on the list is either Open or Close, depending on the current state of your survey. If your survey is currently closed, you’ll see the Open menu item. If your survey is currently open, you’ll see the Closed menu item:

Print a PDF copy of your survey

To print a PDF copy of your survey, all you need to do is hover over the contextual Actions menu and click on Print. The rest is magic.

Takin’ out the trash

Finally, if you no longer need your survey, you can easily send it to the trash from the contextual Actions menu. Simply hover over the title of your survey, click on the Actions menu, and select Trash.

If you click on the Trash icon, located at the bottom of your list of folders on the left-hand side of your dashboard, you’ll see your newly trashed survey.

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