Get Participant Input on Polls and Surveys with the “Other” Option

Krista Stevens

Adding the Other option to a poll or a multiple choice survey question is a great way to collect additional qualitative data from your poll and survey participants. Clicking this option while setting up a poll or survey allows participants to type in their own answer to a poll question or multiple choice survey question. Here’s how it works:

The Other option on multiple choice survey questions

When you’re in the survey editing screen, creating a multiple choice question, you can add an Other option to any multiple choice question by checking the box next to Other:

When you launch your survey, the question appears like so:

Survey participants can type in their own answer, which you’ll see in the Detailed Report option of your survey’s report:

Here’s how your survey report will look. To see the answers that users typed in under Other, click on the blue Detailed Report button:

You’ll see a list of the answers that your participants typed in:

The Other option on polls

Here’s how to add the Other option to a poll. On the poll editing screen, click the checkbox next to Allow users to enter their own answer:

This gives you a poll with an Other option at the end of your list of answer options, like so:

Participants can then select the radio button next to Other and enter their own option.

You’ll see how many participants selected Other in your poll report:

To see the options entered, scroll down below the pie chart:

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