New! QR Code Embed for Surveys and Quizzes

Krista Stevens

Great news! We’ve added a QR code option to our survey and quiz embed methods. This allows you to embed a link to a survey or quiz into a QR code and download a .png that you can use in printed material, such as brochures, flyers, and newsletters. What’s more, you can use Custom Survey Tags to flag specific data in your responses. Here’s how to use a QR code embed:

Hover over the title of your survey or quiz in your dashboard and click on Embed:

On the Embed Pop-up, select the QR code option from the list of embed methods:

You’ll see a sample QR code. Click on the dropdown to change the size of the QR code image if you wish:

Add custom tags to track participants

Adding Custom Tags to your QR code allows you to track individual respondents in your survey or quiz report. With custom tags, you can add an identifier, perhaps unique to you, such as an email address, customer ID, department ID, name, etc. When the respondent completes the survey or quiz, the identifier will be associated with this response and you will be able to identify the response in your report. These tags also make it possible to filter responses based on say, department, or other respondent categories.

If for example, you had a survey / quiz recipient that you wanted to identify, or tag with the following:

email –
dept – hr

You would add the tags to the Custom Tags dialog box like so:

When Murt Stevens replies to your survey, you’ll see his custom tags appear in the participant report:

Once you’ve got your QR code embed set up, click on the blue Download link. You’ll be able to save a copy of the QR code .png file locally:

That’s all there is to it!

2 thoughts on “New! QR Code Embed for Surveys and Quizzes

  1. A great idea!

    I have tested and run to a problem though. When I download the code for my survey, it changes slightly and adds a ? at the end of the link, which gives a ‘page not found’ error.

    Also, is there a mobile formatted version of the survey site so that those using the code will be able to easily complete the survey?

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