New admin links in polls


We know you love to keep a close eye on your results when important polls are running. The easiest way to do that usually is just to go to the poll on your website and click on the ‘View Results’ link. However, this only gives you some basic information. For a more in-depth view of your results you need to go to the report pages in your Polldaddy account.

We have now added some useful admin links inline in the poll results. There are links to edit your poll, moderate comments, view various in-depth reports, link to your dashboard and see any ‘Other’ responses entered in your poll.

These of course will only appear to you when you are logged in. They will never be shown to your voters.

2 thoughts on “New admin links in polls

  1. I am a new Polldaddy user — just found your site last week. I have a question about these new links. They are showing up on my polls, but the text is always white, which makes these links almost impossible to see. How can I change the color of these new links? I can customize everything else, but not these new links. No matter what I do, they show up as white text. Can you help?


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