Poll results just got fancy

We have added a couple of extra options to the poll editor, that will give you more control over how your poll results look.

Under the results section, if you choose to show your results, these extra options will magically appear.

The first option is Show Media. This option allows HTML and media embeds to render in the poll results. Not everyone wants embedded media to load again when someone votes, so it is optional.

The other option is Order By. This allows you to select how to order the results, either by the position you choose when creating the poll or by the number of votes each answer has received.

The last minor change we made is that we altered the layout of the poll results. Now for all standard poll styles, the answer text is to the left and the vote and percent results are to the right. This should make the results easier to parse.

Old, somewhat untidy poll results

New, fancy ordered poll results

If you have any suggestions on other ways we can improve the layout of the polls please get in touch.

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