Add Media to your Polldaddy Content

Did you know that with Polldaddy, it’s easy to add .jpeg, .gif, and .png images, .mp3 files, and embed media into questions and answers in your polls, surveys, and quizzes? It’s a snap to integrate audio and video.

Using the Media Library, you can upload images and audio files into your account and then embed these files into questions and answers for polls, surveys, and quizzes. Additionally you can insert special media shortcodes to display content from third-party websites.

You can access the Media Library by clicking the media button next to any question or answer:

A popup will appear with three tabs:

Uploading files

The Upload tab lets you upload files. We support .jpeg, .png, and .gif images and .mp3 audio files. After uploading a valid file, the file will be automatically selected as the chosen media item, and the media popup will close. If you check the available to all polls and surveys checkbox, then the file will be available in all polls and surveys (i.e., it is globally available in your account). If you do no check this box the file will only be available to this survey or poll (i.e. it is locally available).

Embedding third party media

The Media Embed tab lets you enter shortcodes for third-party websites. A full list of shortcodes is available on the media shortcodes support page. Note that you can also enter these shortcodes directly into a question note and HTML snippet, without needing to use the Media Library.

Managing your uploads

The Library tab lets you see what files you have already uploaded. The list of files will consist of all global media files, as well as all files for the poll, survey, or quiz you’re working on. You can use the dropdown to restrict the files that are shown to you:

Selecting an item will allow you to then click on the right Insert arrow to insert the item into your question or answer. Clicking on the arrow to the right of the file name will show you further details about the item, as well as providing the ability to delete the item.

Note that if you delete a file that is referred to by other questions then you will need to clear it from each question.

See it in action

Here’s a nifty poll we created to demonstrate how you can add audio and video to a poll. Check it out:

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