Send Content out Easily with Email Groups

Increase your reach and audience participation! With Polldaddy, it’s very easy to create an email group that you can use to send email invitations to complete surveys, quizzes, and polls. You can even bulk import email addresses via CSV to get your list in place quickly and get your content out to your audience in a snap. Here’s how to create an email group, and how to use it to send out your Polldaddy content.

From your dashboard, click on Email Groups:

Click on Add a New Email Group:

Give your email group a name:

If you’ve only got a few people to send to, you can enter them by hand. Just type in their email address, first name, last name, and then click on the Add Member button to see new members appear on your list:

Bulk email upload via CSV import

If you have many people on your mailing list, import them via CSV file. Note that the order of the columns in the CSV file must be: Email Address, First Name, Last Name, and Custom Data. To upload your file, click on the Import from CSV button on the top right hand corner of the Email Groups page:

Next, select Choose File:

Navigate to the CSV file within your computer and select it. Once it’s selected you’ll see the name of your file next to the Choose File button:

Next, select the blue Upload button on the right hand side of the dashboard:

You’ll see the members of you list appear on the bottom of the screen:

You can click on the Edit button on the member’s row to change their information or the Delete button to remove them from the list.

To finalize your mailing list, click on the blue, Save Group button at the bottom of the screen:

You’ll be returned to your list of Email Groups. You’ll see your new group at the top of the list. Click on the Edit button to make changes. Click on Delete to remove the mailing list from your Email Groups:

Sending out content to an Email Group

Now let’s walk through how to send out your survey, quiz, or poll to your email group. In this instance, we’re going to use a sample trivia quiz. From the dashboard, however over the title of the content and click on Embed:

From the options on the left, choose Email. Select the email group you’ve created. Be sure to customize the invitation. When you’re ready click on the Send Email link. Boom! Now your quiz, survey, or poll is released into the wild.

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