Create Surveys and Quizzes with Polldaddy

Krista Stevens

Did you know that Polldaddy isn’t just for polls? You can use Polldaddy to create Surveys and Quizzes in just a few short minutes.

Create quizzes to test knowledge and retention

Here’s a great, short guide on how to create a quiz. You can create a quiz as a fun way to test knowledge and retention. You can add pages of text to your quiz to give feedback to quiz participants based on the answer they gave. For instance, if a participant answers a question correctly, you can create a page with an HTML snippet on it and apply branching rules to congratulate them for getting the answer right, and offer more information about the topic. If the participant gives an incorrect answer, you can also create an HTML snippet to customize the text the participants sees in that scenario.

Create surveys to find out what customers are thinking to improve your business

Here’s a great, short guide on how to create a survey. Surveys are a great way to collect feedback from customers, clients, students, teachers, bosses, and employees. Literally, you can create a survey in under five minutes and start to collect data from customers that can help you make changes to improve your business. With Polldaddy, you can even sync your survey on our free iPad app and collect data on the street, in the conference room, at the tradeshow, in the classroom—anywhere your customers are, even without an internet connection!

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