We’re Listening! Dashboard Suggestions Implemented

Our new dashboard has been in place for nearly two weeks. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to provide feedback by completing our dashboard survey.

Your comments are valuable and we’re listening: we’ve already implemented a couple of the changes our customers have asked for.

Contextual actions easier to find

We’ve removed the contextual Actions button that used to reside on the far right of a piece of content:

We moved it next to other elements of the contextual menu options that you’ll see when you hover over the title of a piece of content in the new dashboard, which makes it much easier to find:

See open and closed content at a glance

We’ve added a visual indicator to the dashboard that tells you whether content is open or closed. A green circle next to a piece of content indicates that it’s open. A piece of content with a red circle and a line through it indicates that the content is closed. You can close a piece of content by hovering over the symbol and clicking on it. Additionally, you can click on the Actions dropdown on hover and click on Open or Close, as necessary. (See the images above and below this paragraph.)

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