Use Custom Survey Tags to Track Respondents

Adding custom tags to your survey URLs allows you to track individual respondents in your survey report. With custom survey tags, you can add an identifier, perhaps unique to you, such as an e-mail address, customer ID, department ID, name, etc. When the respondent completes the survey, the identifier will be associated with this response and you will be able to identify the response in your survey report. These tags also make it possible to filter responses based on say, department, or other respondent categories.

Here is an example of a typical survey link:

If you had a survey recipient that you wanted to identify, or tag with the following:

email -
dept - hr

You would append the tags to the survey link as follows. Note—you’ll need to append these tags manually.

When the recipient follows the link to the survey and fills in a response, the tags for e-mail and dept will be associated with their response. You can see the individual response by clicking on your survey in your dashboard, then clicking “Participants”:

Then, from the Participants screen, you can click on the individual participant. Note that our custom tags appear with the participant’s data:

Also, when you export the responses, the tags for each response will be included in your exported data. Note that the result for the custom tag “name” must be at least three characters long.

The following tag names are reserved and cannot be used:


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