Customer Showcase: StyleFind’s “IT” Handbag Poll

Krista Stevens

In a word, “WOW!” The “Plain White” poll style recently underwent an extreme makeover, courtesy of Gianna Luppino, Sharyn Banyan, and John Carles of The team used custom images, and custom CSS for the “IT” Handbag poll that recently ran on, asking readers to vote for their favorite celebrity blogger’s handbag.

The “What’s your favorite cookie?” poll, which uses the “Plain White” default poll style, is an example of the CSS starting point for the poll:

The team created a custom width for the poll, by modifying the “Plain White” CSS. They created the poll to match’s branding from top to bottom. They uploaded custom images for each poll question to showcase each handbag, along with the celebrity blogger associated with each one. The team created custom CSS for the question placement and the image placement next to the question:

Additionally, the team modified the “Plain White” CSS to change the look and feel, and placement of the vote button on the poll:

Here’s a great screenshot that shows the “IT” Handbag Poll in full.

While the poll is closed, you can still check out the awesome handbags.

Thanks to for showing is the full potential of Polldaddy polls and custom CSS! Full credits:

  • Gianna Luppino, Assistant Web Producer
  • Sharyn Banyan, Designer
  • John Carles, VP StyleFind, for the majority of the coding

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