Increase Engagement with Polldaddy Ratings

Website traffic is awesome and everyone loves to see their traffic numbers increase. Creating and fostering engagement is a great way to boost loyalty and build community on your site. Star ratings give visitors a way to engage and give feedback on your content, photos, and videos. With Polldaddy, it’s easy to start creating engagement! Here’s how to add a star rating to your blog post in Polldaddy:

1. Login to your Polldaddy dashboard. Select “All Ratings” from the Ratings dropdown menu. (You could actually just click on “Create a Rating” here, which takes you directly to Step 3, but we wanted to show you the nifty Ratings dashboard.)

The ratings dropdown in polldadd

2. Click on the “Create a New Rating” button:

Creating a new rating in Polldaddy

3. Give your rating a name. Select the “5-Star Rating” radio button in the Rating Type box, and choose a Rating Size. We selected “Large,” just because:

The ratings screen within Polldaddy

4. Click on the blue “Save Rating Widget” button to save your rating widget:

Save your ratings in Polldaddy

5. Now, all you need to do is embed your nifty widget. There’s an option to copy and paste JavaScript if that suits your fancy, or you can get some handy short code to paste into your WordPress blog post:

Screenshot for embedding star rating widget into WordPress

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Here’s what it looks like in your blog post:



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