New Feature: Personalized Survey Permalinks

A few weeks ago we introduced a new feature called “domain mapping” for our corporate account customers. Those surveys can live on a completely personalized domain. Now we have expanded that feature by allowing all users limited ability to personalize the URL of their surveys. It’s not the same as domain mapping but it’s available to everyone, including free Polldaddy users.

You can now edit the “permalink” of your survey so it has a meaningful appearance in the browser address bar. The random looking strings like “E80D5DBF42AF76C” that you would normally see in survey URLs can now read “fantastic-conference-survey“. Save your new survey once and you can edit the permalink next time you edit the survey.

If you ever filled out your profile and added a username it will be used in the survey url too. It will be prefixed to the domain for your survey. If you haven’t yet updated your profile a unique ID is prefixed to the domain instead.

Let’s look at an example:

  • Old style surveys have a URL like this:
    Those URLs will continue to work just fine. However, if you edit and save the survey the URL will be updated.
  • After saving the survey, it then becomes this: The username in my profile page wasn’t set so a unique ID was added before the domain. The permalink of the survey changed too. The survey editor set it automatically but the second time editing the survey you can edit the permalink. Visitors to the old URL will automatically redirect to this new one. There’s no need to tell people to visit the new URL.
  • Not happy with this, I filled in a username on the profile page. Both older URLs above will now redirect to this one:

Login now and edit your surveys to personalize your survey URLs! There’s also support documentation in case you get into difficulties with this new feature.

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