Using Polldaddy on Facebook

Krista Stevens

We’ve made a few changes to adding polls to Facebook pages since this blog post was published. Check out this newer article: Getting polls on Facebook: the definitive guide.

Polls are a great way to gather feedback on a single question, quickly. Here’s how easy it is to create polls using the Polldaddy Facebook app.

First, be sure to add the Polldaddy app in Facebook. To do that, click on this link: Facebook Polldaddy App

You’ll be asked to allow the Polldaddy Facebook app. Click on “Allow”:

Now, you’ll be able to see the Polldaddy app in your sidebar. Click on it to create a poll:


Now, at the top of the page, click on “Create a new poll”:

Next, input your poll’s question, and the possible answers. If you like, you can add an additional answer by clicking on the “Add answer” button:

Once you’ve got your question and answers set up, select the language for your poll, then choose who can see your poll. You can make it public, so that anyone can see it, or you can set it so that only your Facebook friends can see it. Choose where to post your poll—either on your wall, or on your business or organization’s page. When you’re done, click on “Next step”:

Next, you can customize the invitation to vote in the poll, then click “Publish”:

Now, just for fun, let’s vote in the poll. We’re going to select Meat Lovers’ pizza as our favorite:

If you’re sure you made the right choice, click on “Vote Now!”:

You’ll see a confirmation screen after you vote:

Creating a Facebook poll is as easy as pie! (A pizza pie, that is.) Mmmmmm pizza pie.

28 thoughts on “Using Polldaddy on Facebook

  1. We have used polls on Facebook for a few months. I know that in the results you can see who voted in the poll on Facebook, but is there a way to view who voted for what? We would like to runs polls sometimes where we enter all those who chose the right answer into some kind of a drawing for concert tickets or something like that.



    1. Hello Doug,

      With a Pro or Corporate account, you have the ability to see how each individual voted. If you set your poll to allow multiple selections, a participant could choose a selection, and then enter their e-mail address under “Other.” If you have any further questions, please give me a shout at krista-at-polldaddy-dot-com.

  2. Hi Kristi,

    OK I see how you did that. I can’t figure out how to get the Facebook app to see the poll after I have created it (or modified it if it was created in Facebook) on the web page. What am I missing?? I initially created the poll with the Facebook app, but once I modified it on the web page, I could no longer see in the Facebook app. Do I need to update the Facebook app maybe??


    1. Hello Doug,

      We might need some more information from you, such as the poll ID to be able to troubleshoot effectively. The best place to get help is to give us a shout in support–please send a note with the poll ID or a link to your poll to support-at-polldaddy-dot-com.

      Thank you!

      1. I don’t see an option to place the poll on a group page. I’m admin for the group so it should show if it’s doable. Could you share more instructions please.

  3. I use PollDaddy polls on my WordPress blog website. Can I use the same poll on both my wordpress site and my FB group page? I’d like to ask the same question in both locations.

  4. Hi,
    I’d like to add the Poll to our Facebook Page but I have a few queries: does the user of the Poll see the results of the Poll? Can the users be informed of the results or see the results via another link/click? Wil lthe Poll be another Tab?
    Many thanks

    1. Hello Emily,
      By definition, a poll has only one question. You can create a survey in Polldaddy and then post a direct link to the survey on your Facebook wall. At the moment, there isn’t a way to embed surveys directly into your Facebook page.

      1. I’ve already created a poll from my site and was hoping to embed this poll into facebook, but instead had to settle with posting the link. Would love this functionality in the future, if possible! Thanks.

  5. Yeah I agree with Farmer Matt… I would love to have the Facebook App read a poll set up from my PollDaddy Pro Account. That way we can use the formatting functions of the web account and make it look consistent across several outlets (i.e. web page, twitter, Facebook, etc)

  6. Hi guys, another question! If I host the poll on a facebook page and hit the “private – show to friends only” option does that mean MY friends or the page’s fans? What I would like is for people to have to be fans before they can vote in the poll.

    1. Hello Emily, in this instance, only your friends would be allowed to vote. Now, there isn’t a way for us to check to see if someone is a fan of the page before allowing them to vote.

  7. Are you able to post a poll to a personal wall and have the data reflect in real time onto a WordPress platform? Also, what if the poll gets pushed down and you are not finished asking those questions, can you resurrect the poll to travel down again with the current data?

    — Looks like the WordPress question has been asked but Ill live my perspective in anyway.

    Also – a person can only vote once, correct?

    1. Hi Josh,

      If you post a poll to your Facebook wall and you’ve got your Facebook account associated with your account, you’ll be able to see your poll results in real time in your dashboard. If your poll gets pushed down your page, you can always re-post it. You can set up a poll to block repeat votes if you like, or allow multiple votes per person.

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