Make it Personal: Customize Your Poll’s Language

Customizing the text and language in your poll is as easy as pie. (Mmmm….pie.) You can change the language to any language you wish or just change the default English wording by creating a new Language Pack. Here’s how:

Click on “Polls” in your dashboard. To create a new language pack, click the “Language Packs” button:

Next, click on “Add New Language Pack”:

Edit your new phrases as you see fit. We’re creating a new language pack using French as an example:

The Language Pack page contains a host of fields that you can edit. These fields correspond to phrases used throughout the poll. Here’s a list of fields you can edit:

Phrase: ‘View Results’
This phrase is used in a link to allow the voter to see the poll results without voting.

Phrase: ‘Thank you for voting!’
This phrase is shown to the user once they have voted.

Phrase: ‘Return To Poll’
This phrase is used in a link to allow the user to return to the poll once they have voted.

Phrase: ‘Other:’
This phrase is shown beside the “other” box in polls where you allow the user to enter an answer.

Phrase: ‘Thank you, we have already counted your vote.’
This phrase is shown when a person tries to vote a second time in a poll that blocks repeat voters.

Phrase: ‘Total Votes:’
This phrase is shown in front of the vote count for each poll.

Phrase: ‘Votes’
This phrase comes after each answer’s number of votes on the poll’s results screen.

Phrase: ‘Poll Closed’
This phrase is used if you close your poll.

Phrase: ‘Please choose an answer First’
This phrase is shown to the user if they try to submit a vote without selecting an answer.

Phrase: ‘Comments’
This phrase is shown, if comments are allowed, in front of the comment count for each poll.

Phrase: ‘Share This’
This phrase is used for the link that brings up the sharing box on your poll.

Once you’re done editing your phrases, click on “Done”:

Now, we need to assign this language pack to your poll. From the Polls Dashboard, click on the poll you wish to apply the language pack to. Click on “Edit Poll”:

Toward the bottom of the screen under “Poll Options” you’ll see a dropdown for Language Pack. Select your language pack:

Finally, be sure to click on the blue “Update Poll” for your changes to take effect:

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