Polldaddy: Surveys, Quizzes, Ratings, and Polls, Oh my!

Krista Stevens

How do you use Polldaddy at work, at school, or in your volunteer or leisure activities? With Polldaddy, you can do a lot more than create polls to embed in your website.

Did you know that you can create surveys, create quizzes, add star ratings, or add Nero ratings to your website?

How do you use Polldaddy? We’d love to know. Leave us a comment here or send a note to krista@polldaddy.com

5 thoughts on “Polldaddy: Surveys, Quizzes, Ratings, and Polls, Oh my!

  1. I like polldaddy’s super clean appearance and the fact that it does what it says very well. I have started using it increasingly in preference to other survey tools. Have used it a couple of times to survey colleagues round the country to help plan meetings that are more relevant–i can get opinion easily, rank it, feedback etc etc

    Just now i am using it to create interactive knowledge quiz to add value to some learning materials that will complement an international meeting. Meeting content will be uploaded and comments invited, with some questions to stimulate learning. The only thing i would like is ability to create more question types like matching, drag and drop??

    1. Hi Andy,

      Thanks for the kind words about Polldaddy. Can we chat more via e-mail about the features you’re after? I’d love to hear from you: kristaATpolldaddyDOTcom.

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