Survey Mobile Theme


We’ve made a noticeable improvement to the way surveys are displayed on mobile devices.

Previously we were relying on the device’s web browser to display a survey. This worked fine, but a mobile screen is not the same as a computer screen, and the experience was less than optimal.

Supported mobile devices will now have an optimized theme that will show off your survey to it’s full goodness. This should make it easier for a mobile participant to complete.

If you have an iOS device then you may also be interested in our native iOS app which provides full offline survey capabilities.

6 thoughts on “Survey Mobile Theme

  1. thanks for this improvement. i looks good for some of my questions but how can i change this back to normal mode? my survery looked great before. i spent some money for somebody how wrote the css code so that my surver looks good on my ipad. now everything looks different.
    please help!
    thank you

  2. Hi John,

    I think you are on your way to building something great with this product. I’ve been playing around with the iPad version and the design is great, for the most part the responsiveness is quite good, and it really meets the needs of those who need a mobile on-the-spot survey.

    I have a few suggestions/questions, though.

    – iPad App Crash – I’ve encountered a bug with the ipad app which results in the application crashing. I haven’t figured out exactly what the steps are to reproduce this, but it happens fairly frequently, too often for me to put this in front of clients yet. This occurs when the survey is being completed in iPad. When this happens a blue bar appears across the middle of the screen together with a save button. The data input to that point appears to be saved, but it’s a pretty ugly experience for people completing the survey. Is this a known issue and if so do you have a time-frame to release the fix?

    – loading icons – It would be helpful to add loading icons when pages or processes are running that prevent further user actions. For example, when logging in, when sync’ing results, and when downloading updated surveys.

    – lag between online updates and downloaded versions – I updated a survey I created online a couple of times and then went back to download it to the iPad. It seemed like there was a fairly decent lag in terms of how long this update took to be available. Also, not sure if this is a separate issue, but after changing the question type from single answer to multiple answer for a few questions, the updates failed to materialize. I will go back and try again in a few hours.

    – icons in iPad – as tool tips are not an option with iPad, there are cases where I think the product would benefit from additional text, e.g. under the download icon. A few selected additional text items would help with initial usability.

    – reporting – the reporting functionality remains unclear. the report available in the free trial version seems pretty bare bones. if cross-tab functions, etc. exist, it’s not apparent in the site. if this does not exist, is it planned for a future release? Based on my observations, this is an area in which the product may benefit from further coverage.

    As I said, all in all, an excellent beginning for this tool. I’ve been looking around for an iPad app that I can use to survey customers when they receive services, and have been surprised at the lack of quality stuff out there. You have a jump on Survey Monkey and Zoomerang. Best of luck to you. I hope to become a customer as soon as the crash issue is resolve.

    1. Hi Brian,

      – This may be related to something particular in one of your surveys as we’ve had no similar reports. If you can contact support with details of the survey and the question that causes it we can take a look
      – There should be no lag at all – as soon as you save a survey it is updated and available
      – We are always working on improving and expanding reports, and there is a lot of functionality available through filters

      By the way, a new version is on the way via Apple as I type.

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