The Monkeylicious Importer

Here at Polldaddy we want to make it as easy as possible for you to use our service. With that in mind we created a Survey Monkey Importer. If you’re a Survey Monkey user you can export your surveys and import them here. It’s the perfect way to try out Polldaddy with your existing data and customer responses!

Get Started
To get started click on the “Survey Monkey Importer” button on the List Surveys page in your Polldaddy account. Importing your survey only takes 3 steps…

  • Export your survey and upload the .zip file to
  • Map the questions of your survey to the equivalent Polldaddy question types.
  • Submit the import and let the importer grab all the answers from your survey.

The importer examines the questions and answers in your export file and makes a best guess as to what question types you’re using in your survey. Once the import is complete you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail. If there were any problems they’ll be listed and you can try again if necessary.

Tutorial: Using the Survey Monkey Importer.

As an aside, I’d like to introduce myself, Donncha O Caoimh. If you use or have WordPress installed on your website then there’s a very good chance you’re using code I developed. I’ve been working with Polldaddy for the last few months and the Survey Monkey Importer is my first big project so I want to hear how you get on with it!

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