Polldaddy’s got a brand new look

Drew Butler

Simple. Clear. Easy-to-use. Polldaddy users tell us they love the fact that Polldaddy is so easy-to-use, and we’re tickled to bring that familiar clarity and simplicity to the new Polldaddy site.

In addition to a clear, simple, eye-pleasing design, we wanted to highlight all the cool things you can do with Polldaddy, including surveys, polls, quizzes, and ratings.

Check it out:
Screenshot-new Polldaddy.com redesign

Polldaddy is our labor of love. We’ll be refining the layout and the content to improve things for our users—our “work” is never done. (Can you really call it work when you love what you do?)

What do you think about the new site? Leave a comment or a pingback. Or, take our redesign poll, below. We’d love to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “Polldaddy’s got a brand new look

  1. This is a simple question but I can’t seem to find the answer on the website. Is Polldaddy a “Self-Hosted” solution? Or is it a “Hosted-Solution” like WordPress.com? Please advise, thanks.


      1. Thank you very much، Krista
        I do not want to create a new code!
        just instead of below posts, want put other place of theme ; like header!!
        my english lang is bad & perhaps for this reason can not get what i mean!!!

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