Goodbye 2010 Hello 2011!


Its been quite a year here at Polldaddy! We have been busy bees. Here is a quick recap of the cool things we did this year…

We announced Polldaddy version 3, released an app for iPad and iPhone, translated into 6 languages, launched our affiliate program, added quizzes, enhanced exports, multi-user corporate accounts, report sharing, new survey embeds, multi-choice comments, custom tags for votes, SSL support, rating results, survey file uploads, the trashcan, enhanced media library, API JSON support, and Poll callbacks.

Phew! And of course we also fixed tons of bugs, further built out support into WordPress, Facebook, and Weebly and answered all of your support queries.

In the past month we had…

  • Zero down time.
  • 5 full time staff.
  • 7TB of bandwidth used up.
  • 15 servers in production.
  • 310GB of data in our database.
  • 705 support and sales emails.
  • 41,000 comments written in PollDaddy Answers.
  • 190,000 polls created.
  • 38,000,000 million votes cast.
  • 160 million unique people around the world who saw some PollDaddy content (56.6m in US)
  • 1.5 billion impressions of our content on the web. (560m in US)

Next Year
Last year we focused on stability, this year we have been adding feature after feature as you can see above. For the next 12 months we are going to work on refining our product, making it easier to use and making it work in more places. We will also be adding staff, servers and of course new features. I hope all of our users having a great holiday and we look forward to working with you all in 2011.

Team Polldaddy: Eoin, John, Donncha (in armour), Lenny and Kevin.

24 thoughts on “Goodbye 2010 Hello 2011!

  1. Hey Lenny and Polldaddy, any chance you guys will be adding Chinese language to your capabilities? I’d be pretty interested in that update! Thanks again

  2. Congratulations on growing your business, Polldaddy. I’ve used your service once and found it quite easy to figure out, which is saying something since I am technologically challenged, to put it mildly.

  3. Well bugger. That’s pretty bad ass. I’ve just stumbled across you being freshly pressed. But color me interested as to what you guys actually do!

  4. I think the direction you are going is just great. I personally believe that ultimately we will be able to create legislation via the internet and vote on line. Politicians as we know them will gradually change and the world will have a different form of “democracy”. Will it be clear sailing? No, but we are getting closer and closer to empowering a broader range of citizens. It is my view that “polls” can be quite enlightening for “policy makers” and your work will prove valuable in a way that is not quite yet realized.

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