Introducing the new look Polldaddy v3.5!

We just pushed an update to which makes some big improvements to the navigation of our application and reports. The first big change is at the top of your account once you log in. We have completely revamped how the main menu works. It has a much smaller footprint now so there is much more room for your reports and all of the important stuff. There is a little cog over on the right where you can access all of your account and billing information.

We also made some big changes to our survey reports. We now have a new sub menu where you can access all reports for any survey in just 4 items. The Data report now houses survey filters, export options, reset data and the incomplete responses options. Creating filters is much cleaner now than it was with the older method in the pop up dialog.

But that is not all. This is just phase one of our v3.5 roll out, we didn’t want to hit you with too much at once! Next week we will be releasing a feature that lots of you have been asking for, for a very long time.  In fact, for the month of October we will be releasing a new feature or a major improvement to an existing one each week, so stay tuned!

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