Survey File Uploads

One of our much requested features has been to allow people to upload files through a survey. We’re pleased to announce that this is now possible with the new File Upload question type.

The File Upload question type is an ideal way to capture photos, videos, documents, and most other kinds of files. All uploaded files are available for the survey owner to view (if images) in survey reports, and download to their own computer. If you’re making use of our great report sharing feature, then the uploads will also be available to anyone you share the survey results with.

We’ve tried to make this easy to use for your respondents, and once a file is uploaded it is remembered for the duration of the survey. If a respondent incorrectly completes a survey their existing uploads will remain in place while they correct any errors – there is no need to re-upload.

Documentation about the file upload type can be found in the support guide. If you have any questions or feedback then don’t hesitate to let us know through the feedback form.

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