Survey File Uploads


One of our much requested features has been to allow people to upload files through a survey. We’re pleased to announce that this is now possible with the new File Upload question type.

The File Upload question type is an ideal way to capture photos, videos, documents, and most other kinds of files. All uploaded files are available for the survey owner to view (if images) in survey reports, and download to their own computer. If you’re making use of our great report sharing feature, then the uploads will also be available to anyone you share the survey results with.

We’ve tried to make this easy to use for your respondents, and once a file is uploaded it is remembered for the duration of the survey. If a respondent incorrectly completes a survey their existing uploads will remain in place while they correct any errors – there is no need to re-upload.

Documentation about the file upload type can be found in the support guide. If you have any questions or feedback then don’t hesitate to let us know through the feedback form.

5 thoughts on “Survey File Uploads

  1. I just came across this site while setting up a new blog. If I understand this correctly I can have a cooking or food photo contest and have entries submitted by photo file using your software? That’s HOT :-)!

    Chef C.C.

  2. This could be a perfect match for a “visual survey” I want to do for a creative project, where respondents from around the globe will be sending me photos as “answers” to questions that represent various aspects of their lives. I was planning to make a custom WordPress site as the collection tool, but this seems much simpler. Can you tell me whether (1) there are limits to the number, file size, and file type of uploads (there would potentially be about 50 respondents who would upload 10 photographic images a piece); and (2) if there’s a way to require respondents to have to agree to a posted “terms of use” as a part of their submission through your survey response mechanism? I would need to be able to post a page of “legalese” that they would have to “sign” (similar to a Agree/Disagree software license dialog box) before filling out the survey or before submitting the survey with the image uploads. Is something like this feasible? Also, I’m assuming the image uploads only apply to your paid and not the free product?

    1. Hi Jason,

      With a free account, you can create a survey with up to ten elements in it, and accept up to 200 responses. In this case, you would need a separate file upload question for each of the 10 photos that each participant will upload, so you would need a paid account to accomplish this. Our Professional account might suit your needs. You can have an unlimited number of elements in your survey, and you can accept up to 5,000 responses. There’s no limit to the number of files that you can have participants upload. There’s a 10MB limit to the size of any file that is uploaded. To create your terms of use, you could create a mandatory multiple choice question that asks participants where or not they agree. If they agree, you can branch them to the remainder of the survey to upload their data. If they choose not to agree to the terms, you can branch them to a page to thank them and end the survey there. You can do the same thing with your legalese–add that to a name input question type and make it clear that when the user types their name in, they are signing the form.

      If you need more information, please write to us in support at support at polldaddy dot com.


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