Enhanced Media Library

Currently it’s a little tricky to add media to your surveys – images have to be hosted off-site, and it’s a lot of work for something that should be so simple. Not any more! We’re very pleased to introduce a new media library for surveys:

The media library is available by clicking on the media button next to a question, or an answer in a multiple-choice question. The library appears in context with your question and allows you upload and embed media. On Polldaddy itself you can upload images and audio files. If you need third-party media then we also support a large selection of shortcodes that give you access to services from YouTube, Scribd, and over 20 other sites.

It’s now never been simpler to add your company logo, gather feedback about a video or a document, or just make your surveys more visually interesting.

Full details about how to use the media library can be found in the accompanying support page. Details of the available shortcodes can be found on the shortcode support page.

We’ll eventually replace the existing media library for polls with this design, so the same features will be site-wide. In the mean time, we’re looking forward to seeing more colourful and media-rich surveys. If you have any problems, or have suggestions for new shortcodes, please do contact us through our feedback form.

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