Improved Poll reports: Location Filtering

We have updated the poll reports to allow Pro users to filter their poll results based on the country the vote was made. Votes from the United States can also be filtered by the US state.

Now in the overview report, you will see a drop down menu with a list of countries. The list is comprised of the countries who have partaken in your poll.

When you select a country from the list, you will see the results both for that country and the how it corresponds to the overall result.

When you select the United States, you will get another drop down menu with a list of the US states where you can further refine your results.

We have updated the location report to tie into this location filtering feature. There is now a flash map that you can interact with. You can hover over a country and the map will tell you the total votes that came from that country. If you click on a country, you will be redirected to the overview report, and the results will be filtered based on that country.

There is a button to see the US states location report, when pressed, the map will switch to the US state map, with a breakdown of the voting for each state underneath.

Again, if you hover over a state you will be told the total votes for that state. If you click on the state, you will be redirected to the overview report with the results filtered based on that US State.

With this feature, users can see how voting differs between locations. We also intend to develop this feature by including state or province location data for other countries outside the United States, where this information is available.

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