Survey embeds: banners, buttons, and sliders

We’ve been working hard to give you better ways to embed a survey onto your website, and you can now go crazy with a selection of banners, buttons, and sliders.

Clicking on a survey embed button will display a new ‘website embed‘ option containing all of the new ways to create an embed that perfectly fits  your website style.

A preview is always shown and updates as you change settings.

Old embed codes will continue to work, so you don’t need to regenerate them for existing surveys.  However, one additional advantage of the new embed system is that you can embed multiple codes on a page (for the same or different surveys).


Buttons are your standard embeds and give you a variety of looks (plain text, rounded, and square), as well as allowing you to change the colour of both text and background to suit.

These work best when embedded directly into content or sidebars.


Banner embeds work outside of the normal content areas of your site and float in various positions above your page.  You can configure the style of banner (corner or side), along with the colours and alignment (any corner, or centre left and right).

A banner will not reappear if the user has participated in the survey.


The most advanced embed, and one that (for better or worse) demands more attention from your readers. The slider embed will gently slide in from the bottom right corner of your site. You can configure the title, message, and button.

We hope you like the new ways of embedding surveys, and look forward to any feedback and suggestions you may have. As always, you can get in touch with us via our feedback form.

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