Custom tags for poll votes


You can now add custom tags to your poll. This will allow you to identify a poll vote in the poll vote analysis report with some data relevant to the voter.

This is a powerful feature as each time a page where a poll resides is loaded, the values of this array can be changed, allowing you to make each vote unique and identifiable. You can also export the vote analysis report data and filter this data based on the values of the custom tags.

So if you wanted to add the following data.

customer_ref : 101
email :
gender : male

This data will be appended to the vote URL and will appear in the vote analysis report like so.

To find out how to use this feature, check out the support article.

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5 thoughts on “Custom tags for poll votes

  1. Stupid question, I’m sure, but above all else I want votes that are unique and identifiable so I am going to ask it anyway. When Johnny votes in my poll, how does his vote get attached to his “customer number” and/or address? In other words, what do my voters have to do on their end to make this work?

    1. When you are generating the page with the poll on it, you need to create an array with the custom tags as outlined in the support article. The ‘customer number’ and ’email’ are just example data that some users have in relation to their voters, that they may want to associate with their vote. You need to be able to write some code on your end to populate the tags array to make this feature work for you. If you do not have access to do this, then you will not be able to use it.

  2. Just tried it and got a Poll that said, TEST TAGS poll that said “sometimes” “Works” “nope”. What I need is a way for users to enter an email that is then identifiable in terms of them having voted – I don’t care HOW they vote, just that they voted successfully and only once. HELP!

    I am glad you are moderating these comments!

    1. Hi, this feature will not handle this scenario I’m afraid. We intend to create a poll soon that will however require an email to verify a vote, so it can be used in a competition or something similar.

  3. Thanks Eoin. That feature – the one that would have an email associated with each vote – is quite possibly the thing I most want in the world right now. After world peace, of course.

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