Polldaddy in German and Swedish


We recently released a Chinese version of Polldaddy and today we’re very happy to announce that Polldaddy is available in German:

And Swedish:

Both can be accessed by clicking the language selector at the bottom of any public part of the website:

You can change your account’s language from your profile page:

Thanks go to Jens Wedin and ESL Languages for their help with Swedish and German respectively.

11 thoughts on “Polldaddy in German and Swedish

  1. Nice to see a localized version of Polldaddy. Please note the following translation mistake:

    “Cancel” is usually called “Abbrechen” not “Stornieren” which is the direct translation but has another meaning in german.

  2. Hi very interesting offer. i would like to sign up for the PRO Version but/ can i have it french? As my company specialised in website design, web2.0 technology.
    NB: we are working on website at this timme.

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