Copy a Survey Question


Now this is a feature that is a little overdue! You can now copy questions in your survey. When editing your question just hover over the one you want to copy and click the ‘Copy’ link as shown below in the image. The new copied question will then show up below the original one. All settings and text for the question will be copied.

You can also copy a whole survey too. To do that just click on the main ‘Surveys’ tab and then choose your survey from the list on the left. Then on the right hand side of that screen you will see an option to copy the survey in the list of links at the bottom labeled ‘Survey Options’.

2 thoughts on “Copy a Survey Question

  1. This is useful, but it would be even better if you could copy the question to a different survey. Can it be done, or is it a feature you could add?

    1. Hello Michel,

      Currently, it’s possible to make copies of a survey, but not possible to make copies of any individual question. We don’t have any plans at present to add this feature.

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