Ní Hǎo Polldaddy! Chinese Translation

One of our aims when creating Polldaddy V3 was to make it available to people who don’t speak English. We’ve already made a start on this with our WordPress plugin, which is now available in eight languages. While we’ve got a long way to go with our website, for a first step we’re pleased to announce that Polldaddy is now available in simplified Chinese (Mandarin).

You can access the Chinese website from http://zh-cn.polldaddy.com, or by clicking the language selector at the bottom of any public part of the website:

You can change your account’s language from your profile page:

We hope to add more languages in the future.  If you are multi-lingual and want to help out, we’re offering VIP accounts and 15 minutes of infamy to anyone who produces a good translation. Get in touch with us through the feedback form and we’ll send you the details.

Likewise, if you discover an issue with a translation then let us know and we’ll fix it. Eventually we’ll open the localizations up so they can be translated directly from the Polldaddy website.

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