Announcing Polldaddy Version 3


Today we are launching a new version of Version 3.0! This version is more about usability and looks than new features. Over the past year or two we have added so many new features to Polldaddy, that at times we did not always find a good place to put them. So for this version we decided to focus on fixing the layout of the application. We were very lucky to have Kevin Conboy join our team a couple of months ago as our new full time designer. Kevin brings a ton of experience to the team and over the next few months will be fixing, repainting and decorating all of the far flung places that Polldaddy reaches.

Pretty much everything is in the same place as before, but it should be much easier to navigate around the site. We have paid special attention to certain sections like the survey editor by making it much easier to use as well as addressing various issues with browser support.

We have added some small bug fixes and features to this version including likert scale questions for surveys, Polldaddy Answers has now been fully integrated into, and we are also working on localizing all of Polldaddy into different languages.

If you have any issues with the new site please let us know and we will get it fixed straight away. We will be rolling out other changes over the next few weeks including some exciting new account types.

40 thoughts on “Announcing Polldaddy Version 3

  1. It’s less usable than v2.

    Pop-up windows look out of place.

    Everything looks hidden where as before it was all nice and and easy to see things. But with things now being bigger, lots more gets pushed down and not as easy to track where you are.

    1. Sorry you think that Tom. We’re still working on the interface but hope that it’s clearer, more structured, and provides more information than the previous version.

  2. Really good, new layout. I’m usually one of the defenders of older website versions (don’t know… find it hard to get used to new looks and oftenly hard to find old feautres on new versions), but this one is really lovely! 🙂

  3. Nice looking update!

    I did notice, however, that tags are missing from responses to my survey. I need this info; has it been moved somewhere?

  4. As an addendum…

    My survey status now is listed as being “closed”; I have the survey time limit open until Feb. 28. Do I need to change something now?

  5. Okay, thanks. That’s confusing, as the arrows show four directions, but only may be manipulated in two. Thanks for the explanation, it was better is 2.0 with the delete buttons.

  6. Meh, undecided about this one. Gutted the pie graph results seems to have been replaced with an average looking bar graph. I am hoping I have overlooked something to get that pie graph back!

    1. How is it not working? Selecting Swedish won’t translate it into Swedish (we don’t have a translation for that yet), but means that your poll appears on the community part of the website with other Swedish polls.

  7. This new version requires too much scrolling to view survey results compared to the last version, don’t like that.

  8. Hey there,

    Well done on your efforts to continually improve PollDaddy, which is far and away the best survey software out there!

    Although I see where you guys are trying to go with the new interface I don’t think it works everywhere, especially in the reports section, for the following reasons:

    – why so BIG? Everything feels a little like it is fighting for attention.
    – what’s with the BIG BOLD QUESTION NUMBERS? I can see the number, I don’t think I need it rammed down my throat. Perhaps you just need a way to differentiate the “pages” rather then emphasising the numbers?
    – the backgrounds and borders on all the reports are just too busy. Try turning them off (I did using Firebug) and the page instantly becomes more readable!!

    The one thing I do like is the heatmap option (which I take credit for suggesting over a year ago!) – but I would really like to make it the default option. Is this possible?

    Overall I need to use the site properly again (I’ve not launched any surveys for a couple of months) before I make my mind up or offer any more feedback, but I think a lot of the good stuff is currently cancelled out by the bad stuff at the moment. Luckily for me, I have a lot of the old site saved as HTML pages so it easy for me to compare like for like without getting all emotional and nostalgic on a whim.

    Good luck with the ongoing design and development.

    Dave Stewart

  9. “On the main site – why does the navigation disappear all over the place?”

    I see the little teeny tiny navigation text on the bottom right of the main content box now… and when I click on more information from the homepage, I get some nice tabs up at the top. When I click one (like pricing) those tabs disappear and I’m lost again.

  10. Okay, a couple of UX issues that are frustrating:
    The home screen requires a click to bring up the log-in. 2.0 didn’t require that extraneous step.
    In the poll style selector, clicking the radio button does nothing, you have to click the visual of the style to select it. This is non-intuitive, and makes the radio buttons unnecessary.
    Lastly, the modal popup for the JS polls sucks as it requires scrolling – at least for my polls – and 2.0 didn’t require that.

    I think that, once these obvious UX problems are fixed, the site will work as well as 2.0 did. Thanks, I think PollDaddy rocks, despite my whining.

  11. I use this website with my fourth graders. It is a great way to make math concepts like data and statistics applicable to their real world experiences.

  12. Have just had a look at PollDaddy today based on a recommendation by someone else. The only times I’ve seen the previous versions of the homepage are by looking at those images posted up in the blog post.

    I must say… the homepage is great. Haven’t had a chance to create any polls or surveys yet, so I can’t comment on that.

  13. I appreciate the new design, and many aspects of the site are now easier to navigate. However (you knew this was coming)… there are a few quirks that you might want to consider addressing:


    1 – Some of the Modal Popups do not have a ‘close’ or ‘done’ button (poll preview, pro account invite, etc.). Clicking outside of the popup dismisses the window, but this is not an intuitive action for many visitors.

    2 – When viewing polls, the ‘Embed/Link’ and ‘Comments’ buttons should be at the top alongside the ‘Edit Poll’, ‘Preview’, and ‘Reports’ options.

    3 – The icon used for the Embed/Link button (a wrench) should not be identical to the icon used for the ‘Edit Poll’ button. The icon is also not intuitively appropriate for that function.

    4 – The icon used for the ‘Close’ button is also not appropriate, as it currently displays the symbol widely recognized for refreshing/reloading a browser page.


    1 – When viewing the Polldaddy Blog, clicking the Polldaddy icon/branding in the upper-left does not return you to the Polldaddy home page.

    I have more, but I’ll stop now before you block me from the site in retribution.

    Thanks, and I do love your service.

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