Update to WordPress plugin – Ratings now on front page

We have recently updated the PollDaddy WordPress plugin to include a bunch of neat features that are worth a mention.

We have had many requests for ratings to appear on the front page, but there were a few niggling issues on certain themes. Recently we’ve ironed these out and there is now an extra option in the rating settings to allow you to place the ratings on your front page.

Usage is very simple – pick whether you want the rating above or below the post, and save.

Your ratings will appear on your blogs front page… nice!

As well as that, we have added a new option to the options menu, default poll settings. This will allow you to set your typical settings, like custom style, that will be applied by default to newly created polls, saving you a bit of hassle.

We’ve also tidied up the plugin, adding support for right-to-left (RTL) languages, and tightening permissions. Now a contributor can no longer access the ratings settings and will only be able to access the polls menu if they have imported a Polldaddy account. We also added a setting to the options menu to allow each user on the blog to import their own Polldaddy account.

If this is set, the next time the user logs into the blog, they will need to import a Polldaddy account to access the Polls dashboard. This can provide an extra level of security to the polls on an admin or editor account as each user, regardless of the blog account type (admin, author, contributor.. etc), will be only able to edit polls on an account that they have access to.

Also, we have added the Top Rated widget, to allow you to place a widget that will tie into your blogs ratings and display the most popular posts/pages/comments in your blogs sidebar.

Lastly we have added a GNU gettext pot file to allow the plugin to be localized. We would appreciate any help with this.

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