Poll by email


If you’re using PollDaddy in conjunction with WordPress.com there’s a great new feature that allows you to create polls by email. First you’ll need to create a special Post by Email secret address. You can then create polls by embedding a special shortcode in your email and sending it to the secret address:

[poll style="manga"]
How great are email polls?
* Really great
* Wonderful
* Meh

Notice how the poll question is the first line, and each of the answers are on a seperate line that starts with an asterisk.

When you’ve sent your email a new post will appear on your WordPress.com blog containing a PollDaddy poll. It couldn’t get much simpler.

Full details of using poll by email can be found on the Post by email support page.

2 thoughts on “Poll by email

  1. Hi I tryed this and i poll didnt come up i sent it through email but when it showed up on my site there was no poll just the typing but you couldnt click on it please help i really need a poll.

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