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Its been a super busy year at PollDaddy HQ since we joined Automattic. Our team has grown from 2 to 4 (welcome John and Kevin) and we also have a large network of developers, systems, and biz dev people from Automattic who drop in occasionally and lend a hand. This year we have focused on stability and building out the long list of features that you had been requesting.

We have strengthened our platform, launched an API, respondent tags, email notifications, rating widgets, survey filters, new poll styles, survey restrictions, poll sharing, HTML support, email groupsand lots and lots of other small features. We have also added PollDaddy integration to Weebly, Freewebs, Intense Debate, Twitter and launched a Facebook app.

In the past month we had…

  • zero down time.
  • 3 full time staff (+1 part time).
  • 4TB of bandwidth used up.
  • 9 servers in production.
  • 81GB of data in our database.
  • 1,100 support and sales emails.
  • 30,000 comments written in PollDaddy Answers.
  • 130,000 polls created.
  • 26.6 million votes cast. (An average of 200 votes per poll)
  • 116 million unique people around the world who saw some PollDaddy content (45m in US)
  • 861 million impressions of our polls and ratings on the web. (336m in US)

So whats next? Well all of this activity and feature building on the site have left things a little messy. We are currently working on a pretty big project to correct this issue with our new designer. Watch this space.

3 thoughts on “PollDaddy Stats

  1. So whats next?

    The “zero down time” should be the first thing that you keep it running.
    All those numbers are impressive. Maybe you can double in the next year?

    After all we wish to all of you a Happy New Year!

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