Announcing the new PollDaddy Facebook App


As some of you may have already seen we have been testing out a new PollDaddy application on Facebook. Today we are officially launching it! We know from support that a lot of users have been trying different way to integrate their polls with their Facebook communities. Well now you can manage all of your polls directly in your Facebook account. Once you add the application you can create polls and share them with your friend and the wider Facebook community. You can also track all of your votes and comments for the first time. To get started just add the app from the link below and start polling!

Add the PollDaddy Facebook App

10 thoughts on “Announcing the new PollDaddy Facebook App

  1. Great app – thanks.

    I’d love to be able to add a poll that I’ve already created in PollDaddy to my Facebook page, but the app doesn’t list any polls under the “My Polls” tab. – even though my “Account Settings” shows that the app is connected to my PollDaddy account.

    Will the Facebook app only list polls that I create within the app interface, or is it supposed to show polls I already created in my PollDaddy account?

  2. Hello,

    Is there anyway to add an image to the Answers box. I would love to poll some women on a new logo and have narrowed it down to 3 however, I need to be able to show them the logos in order for them to vote.

    Thanks for the help.

  3. Hi folks – Thanks for the PollDaddy Faceboook App. I’ve just added a poll to our Facebook page (just a fun one to start). Just wondering if once added, the Poll could also be highlighted on the Wall of the Facebook page – to let fans know that there is a new poll on the Poll tab. Not sure if that’s possible but it would be nice. Thanks again.

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