Update: Embed a poll or survey into an email


We have added an update to the Email Groups feature that we launched a couple of weeks ago. You can now embed a poll or a survey into an email, so the recipient can submit their response directly from the email.

Poll Embed

Survey Embed

Just use the [poll] shortcode to embed a poll in the email, or [survey] shortcode to embed a survey. More on how to do this can be found on the support page.

Polls and surveys are then embedded directly in the email as a form without the need for any other code. This should should work for all email clients, although if you find one that doesn’t work please do let us know.

Note: A survey/poll can be embedded in the email but submitting it will open an external page!

10 thoughts on “Update: Embed a poll or survey into an email

  1. Everything I have read and experienced has shown that including forms in emails is extremely unreliable. Is the same thing true here, or have you discovered a work-around for this issue?

  2. A form will work with most email clients except for Outlook 2007, that we know of. If the respondent has any difficulty, there is a link to the poll or survey online.

  3. This will work for all account types. You can use our email groups feature to send the email with the embed if you are a Pro user, otherwise you can send the email embed to your email address and from there send it on to your contacts.

  4. If a survey is sent to my email then I forward on to a contact list I have collected, will their responses be collaborated in my account and results still genrated in a report?

    I only ask because so far I can’t seem to get this to work, plus we only have a small number of contacts to target.


  5. So in a way, I can just view the source of the email, copy the same exact HTML and then embed into a newsletter?

    I haven’t really tried the poll embed but I am thinking it is just a form within the email?

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