Apple, Gizmodo and the experimental love/hate poll


As some of you may know there is an Apple press event today regarding an update to some of their music products. Apple events always generate a lot of buzz and Gizmodo, the biggest gadget blog on the planet, is always there reporting for their millions of waiting fans. This time around they thought they would try some live feedback on their blog to include the many readers who are eagerly awaiting news. Together with design firm Mekanism we came up with a unique voting mechanism to find out how Apple fans think about the new products released in real time. Head on over to the Gizmodo live blog to see this in action.
Go vote now!


2 thoughts on “Apple, Gizmodo and the experimental love/hate poll

  1. Great feature. I can imagine a lot of uses, both for a clean, simple binary poll design like this as well as real-time voting/feedback in a range of situations. Will this turn into a public capability at some point or are you just taunting us?

  2. Sure K, right now we are just seeing how something like this can scale. But sure, we would love to make it available to anyone to use for real time events.

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