New Feature: Email Groups

PollDaddy has many ways for you to distribute your surveys and polls, from widgets and embed codes to simple URLs. We’ve now added another way for you to get your surveys and polls out there with a much-requested Email Groups feature.

Simply put, email groups allow you to maintain groups of email addresses. The magic comes when you create a poll or survey – you now have the ability to directly send it to one or more of your email groups. This makes it an ideal way to notify your users quickly and simply, with PollDaddy taking the strain of sending the emails.

send email-2

To ensure you have full control over your email groups you can import and export addresses using CSV files. Each group can contain as many email addresses as you want, and the same address can occur in multiple groups – perfect for different email campaigns.

In addition to storing a name (first and last) and email address, you can also add custom data to each address which can then be used when sending out emails. For example, you may want to store a salutation, a product name etc.

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Note that while anyone can create and manage email groups, only Pro or Pro2 users can actually send emails. Pro users will receive an allowance of 10,000 emails per month, with Pro2 users receiving 50,000. If you need more then custom allowances can be created by contacting support.

Naturally we want to prevent PollDaddy from becoming a source of spam and so all outgoing emails will be tagged with an opt-out link. Anyone receiving an email can quickly register that they do not want to receive any more.

Full details about managing and using email groups can be found on the email groups support page.

Let the emails flow!

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