Update: WordPress Plugin Version 1.3

We have updated the WordPress plugin to version 1.3.

If you are using WordPress.org, you can download the latest version here.
You can also read the latest support article on installing the plugin on a WordPress.org blog here.

Included in this update are new poll actions, open and close poll.
These actions, as the names suggest, allow you to…

Open a poll – the poll will accept votes.

Open a poll

Close a poll – a poll will not accept votes, also the poll title will say the poll is closed.

Close a poll

Also, if you have custom styles created on your PollDaddy site, you will now be given an option to select one of them when creating a poll.
When creating or editing a poll, just select the Custom Styles link under Design.

Custom Styles

This will present you with a drop down menu of all your custom styles for you to choose from.

Custom Styles drop down menu

Use the Standard Styles link to be presented with the standard style templates again.

Standard Styles

We intend to add more functionality to the plugin on a more regular basis so keep an eye on this blog for further updates.

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